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Kea is an open source project from Internet Systems Consortium (ISC).  This list is for discussion about installing and managing the Kea software suite for DHCP. For development discussion, use the list.

If you are just joining the Kea-users mailing list, we would love to know a bit about your use of Kea. Please share your successes as well as your challenges: your solutions are often very helpful to other users.

Participation on this list is governed by a Code of Conduct ( If you believe that you are the target of behavior in violation of the Code of Conduct, please alert the list administrators rather than retaliating on the mailing list. Report these concerns to Insulting and derogatory posts will not be tolerated and will result in future posts from those list members who are posting in this manner being held for moderation or suspended indefinitely from this community.

Please remember that English is not the first language for all - this can lead to misunderstandings


For more information about Kea, look at
ISC offers professional technical support. For more information about this, contact or look at
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