[Kea-users] Advice needed on Kea Cloudsmith repo

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[Kea-users] Advice needed on Kea Cloudsmith repo

Laura Smith

I'm looking to install Kea on Debian and the most sensible way seem so be the Cloudsmith repo.

However, I am confused.

Looking at the packages, the Redhat RPM packages have an overarching "isc-kea" package available (https://cloudsmith.io/~isc/repos/kea-1-6/packages/detail/rpm/isc-kea/1.6.1-isc0042520191119145256.fc29/a=x86_64;d=fedora%252F29;t=1/)

However the same "one-stop" install is not available under Debian ? Only the invidual packages :
isc-kea-admin - Administration utilities for ISC Kea DHCP server
isc-kea-admin-dbgsym - debug symbols for isc-kea-admin
isc-kea-common - Common libraries for the ISC Kea DHCP server
isc-kea-common-dbgsym - debug symbols for isc-kea-common
isc-kea-ctrl-agent - ISC Kea DHCP server REST API service
isc-kea-ctrl-agent-dbgsym - debug symbols for isc-kea-ctrl-agent
isc-kea-dev - Development headers for ISC Kea DHCP server
isc-kea-dhcp-ddns-server - ISC Kea DHCP Dynamic DNS service
isc-kea-dhcp-ddns-server-dbgsym - debug symbols for isc-kea-dhcp-ddns-server
isc-kea-dhcp4-server - ISC Kea IPv4 DHCP server
isc-kea-dhcp4-server-dbgsym - debug symbols for isc-kea-dhcp4-server
isc-kea-dhcp6-server - ISC Kea IPv6 DHCP server
isc-kea-dhcp6-server-dbgsym - debug symbols for isc-kea-dhcp6-server
isc-kea-doc - Documentation for ISC Kea DHCP server
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