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[Kea-users] Clean Kea 1.8.0 installation keactrl not found

toni Friessner

Dear Kea Users,


since i am running V 1.4.x of Kea DHCP i like to do a clean installation in order to running KEA 1.8.0 with STORK frontend.


i setup a fresh Centos 8 Server,

adding the cloudsmith repositories: https://cloudsmith.io/~isc/repos/

and installled Kea 1.8.0


all seems to be fine BUT i cant run the KEACTRL command and also can't find it under /USR/SBIN where kea-ctrl-agent or kea-shell is stored


Can anybody help me to fix this before i setup the STORK frontend in a 2nd step ?


thanks and regards,





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