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[Kea-users] Client class evaluation dependency on MySQL reservation class

Christian Schuldt
Hey all,

I'm trying to assign a Client Class that checks for a class that will only be assigned in reservations, however I'm unable to get it to work.
According to the Note of https://ftp.isc.org/isc/kea/1.5.0/doc/kea-guide.html#reservation4-client-classes it should be possible by also checking against "member('KNOWN') which supposedly defers the evaluation of the class until after the reservation lookup.

My current config now looks similar to this:
    "name": "ipxe",
    "test": "member('KNOWN') and (option[77].hex == 'iPXE') and member('pxe')",
    "boot-file-name": "pxeserver.example.com/menu.php"
    "name": "not_ipxe",
    "test": "member('KNOWN') and member('pxe') and not (option[77].hex == 'iPXE') ",
    "next-server": "",
    "boot-file-name": "undionly.kpxe"

And in the Mysql Reservation:
ipv4_address                |  dhcp4_client_classes
INET_ATON('   |  pxe

The server I'm testing this with does get the correct IP (which is out of pool), however it doesn't receive the iPXE information. I tested this without the "member('pxe')" test which then works. This is a native iPXE client.

Any help with this would be highly appreciated.

Kind RegardsChristian Schuldt


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