[Kea-users] Correct DHCP Lease configuration with MySQL Group Replication backend?

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[Kea-users] Correct DHCP Lease configuration with MySQL Group Replication backend?


I’ve got two Kea 1.7.0 servers configured using the high-availability plugin and a MySQL backend for leases and hosts. Both servers are running MySQL 8.0.18 configured with Group Replication.


I’m still testing with this configuration and is it only setup in a lab environment at the moment.


Every once in a while I see log entries like this:

Oct 30 15:02:47 mgt-dhcpdns01 kea-dhcp4[7355]: 2019-10-30 15:02:47.528 WARN  [kea-dhcp4.ha-hooks/7355] HA_LEASE_UPDATE_FAILED [hwtype=1 52:54:00:00:20:0b], cid=[no info], tid=0x1bf6516e: lease update to mgt-dhcpdns02 ( failed: unable to execute for <UPDATE lease4 SET address = ?, hwaddr = ?, client_id = ?, valid_lifetime = ?, expire = ?, subnet_id = ?, fqdn_fwd = ?, fqdn_rev = ?, hostname = ?, state = ?, user_context = ? WHERE address = ?>, reason: Plugin instructed the server to rollback the current transaction. (error code 3101), error code 1


I think this happening because Group Replication replicates the lease from server01 to server02 and then HA attempted to update the same lease record directly on server02. Is there a way to tell HA to not replicate lease entries since Group Replication is already doing that?


- Thanks!


David Ruggles

Safe Data


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