[Kea-users] Dual stack dhcpv6 MAC based reservation

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[Kea-users] Dual stack dhcpv6 MAC based reservation

Ádám Zoltán Dobos

We have a dual-stack setup, where we identify our clients by their MAC addresses. Now we would like to use kea to distribute IPv6 addresses based on MAC addresses. I know kea is capable of guessing the MAC address from multiple sources, but I need a solution where it is not just guessing. As far as I know there isn't any open-source relay which can insert the option 79 into the relayed message, and we don't have any capable device. Do you guys have a solution for this kind of problem? When will the 'raw' option be available as MAC source (I've read https://lists.isc.org/mailman/htdig/kea-dev/2014-June/000043.html and it says using ND query is invalid, but most enterprise grade equipment is capable of denying spoofing attacks, so I don't see this as a valid point)?

On another note I was experimenting with packet mangling, where I can successfully insert the real source MAC into (for example) the option 79 value (as a required option), but in this case I can't use a relay, and kea does not support reading the option 79 when it is not a relay option. I also attempted writing a custom hook at pkt6_receive to solve this problem, but I am no expert in C++ and in the documentation I couldn't find if it is even possible, I couldn't find a method, that changes the 'guessed' hwaddr field, so if anyone who is more experienced could guide me on how can I implement this as a hook I would be very grateful.

And last is there an option in the configuration, where I can set that for example the server should simply return the data in a required option? (i.e. client sends required option 255 with data 'foo', and the server just echos it back in the response)

Thank you for reading this, and thank you in advance if you have any suggestions.


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