[Kea-users] Kea 1.4 crash from time to time

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[Kea-users] Kea 1.4 crash from time to time

I've got kea 1.4 installed with load-balancing setup

"hooks-libraries": [
            "library": "/usr/local/lib/hooks/libdhcp_lease_cmds.so",
            "parameters": { }
            "library": "/usr/local/lib/hooks/libdhcp_ha.so",
            "parameters": {
                "high-availability": [ {
                    "this-server-name": "server20",
                    "mode": "load-balancing",
                    "heartbeat-delay": 10000,
                    "max-response-delay": 10000,
                    "max-ack-delay": 5000,
                    "max-unacked-clients": 5,
                    "peers": [
                            "name": "server20",
                            "url": "",
                            "role": "primary",
                            "auto-failover": true
                            "name": "server50",
                            "url": "",
                            "role": "secondary",
                            "auto-failover": true
                } ]

and about one time in two days it crach.
when i try to start it again I am reciving an error

DHCP4_CONFIG_LOAD_FAIL configuration error using file:
/usr/local/etc/kea/kea-dhcp4.conf, reason: bind: Address already in use
DHCP4_INIT_FAIL failed to initialize Kea server: configuration error using
file '/usr/local/etc/kea/kea-dhcp4.conf': bind: Address already in use

and if I start it again after this message it works fine.
What could be the reason. I dont have any other services on this address.

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