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[Kea-users] Kea 1.5 beta coming this Friday - call for testers

vicky risk
Hello Kea users,

We are hoping some of you will help field test the new Kea version we plan to post on Friday.  Here is what is coming:

Host reservations may be used globally, rather than having to be associated with a specific subnet. This works whether the reservation is in memfile or one of the optional database backends.

- HIGH AVAILABILITY improvements. 
We have improved the way the HA pairs update active leases, using paged updates (rather than one larger update) with changes to the dhcp-disable timer to ensure the lease synchronization completes before the HA member resumes service.

Kea processes packets sequentially, processing the oldest packets first (FIFO). When the backlog is too large, the FIFO algorithm means Kea may waste time processing requests from clients who have already stopped waiting for a response while still-active requests languish in the queue. 
In Kea 1.5 we have implemented a replaceable packet-queuing mechanismOur solution provides a ring-buffer mechanism by default, plus a new hook that will enable you to replace our algorithm with one of your own. 

- New premium CLIENT CLASSIFICATION Commands hook library allows you to modify client class configuration via the REST api. We will provide beta copies of this premium extension for testers.

- Netconf support for DHCPv4, and ISC YANG model support for DHCPv4 & v6. 
We have integrated with the Sysrepo implementation of Netconf to permit you to store your Kea configurations in a Sysrepo store in YANG model form, and push it to Kea via netconf. This allows you to integrate your configuration of Kea with configuration of other network elements, and to store and manage configurations centrally. 

More details on this release are on gitlab: https://gitlab.isc.org/isc-projects/kea/milestones/1  We will send an announcement when the beta version is ready for download. We have allowed 4 weeks for beta testing and any fixes required, so please plan to do some testing early.   

Thank you!

Product Manager

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