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[Kea-users] Kea Option 125

Thomas Wilhelm
Hi list,

we try to migrate from isc-dhcpd to kea-dhcpd but I have some problems with the option 125.
We need to use several enterprise id's within the option 125.
I have already tried to overwrite option 125 with my own custom space, but it doesn't work.
current used kea-version: 1.1.0

Current config-snippet:

option space vivso code width 4;
option option125 code 125 = encapsulate vivso;

option space vendor1;
option vendor1.value1 code 1 = text;
option vendor1.value2 code 2 = text;
option vivso.vendor1 code "VENDOR1_ID" = encapsulate vendor1;

option space vendor2;
option vendor2.value1 code 1 = text;
option vendor2.value2 code 2 = text;
option vendor2.value3 code 3 = unsigned integer 32;
option vendor2.value4 code 4 = unsigned integer 32;
option vivso.vendor2 code "VENDOR2_ID" = encapsulate vendor2;

Is there a way we can achive this with a current kea-release?
I fount this ticket http://kea.isc.org/ticket/3877 and it seems that this is exactly what I need, but unfortunately it seems to have a very low priority. Or is there perhaps a way, to give this task a higher priority?

Has anybody a hint for me, how I can solve this problem?

Thank you in advance,

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Re: [Kea-users] Kea Option 125

Francis Dupont
There is a comment saying:

/// @todo We need to extend support for vendor options with ability to specify
/// multiple enterprise numbers for a single option. Perhaps it would be
/// ok to specify multiple instances of the "vivso-suboptions" which will be
/// combined in a single option by the server before responding to a client.

I remember to have create a ticket to address this (#3877) with this
comment: IMHO multiple enterprise vivso's are pretty uncommon so
I recommend to wait for a good reason (e.g., customer request) to
address this.

Note (and this is true for any option) you have a work-around by using
a binary value: "csv-format": false, "data": "0123456789abcdef".


Francis Dupont <[hidden email]>

PS: I can translate your ISC DHCP config into Kea but it won't change
the fact that multiple enterprises are not supported in Kea.
PPS: 3877 is in Kea 1.x milestone.
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