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[Kea-users] Kea reservations & subnet limits.

Joelson Vendramin
Hello Kea Users!

I'm using Kea 1.2.0 in an environment that uses only Option82 (for IPv4) and Option18 (for IPv6) in order to always provide the same addresses to the same client (in fact, the same VLAN ID that asks for IPs).

Since I don't have the flex-id hook library, I'm implementing IPv4 with the usual "reservations" based on "circuit-id". But for IPv6 I've defined several "subnets" based on "interface-id" provided by DHCPv6 relay agent. Inside each subnet I've declared "pools" (with only one address) and "pd-pools" (with only one prefix).

Considering this implementation, I've two questions:

(1) Is there any "hard" limit on the number of "reservations" (for IPv4) or "subnets & pools & pd-pools" (for IPv6)? Today I'm running about 260 of each, but they tend to increase in the future.
Note: I'm not using any DB backend, just the default TXT-based memfiles.

(2) I know that my question will be a bit strange, but... Is there a way to disable any kind of lease control in Kea? What I mean is that, in my environment, the DHCP and DHCPv6 servers just have to answer *always* the same IPv4 address and IPv6 address/prefix, based on Options 82 and 18, no matter of *who* (or what MAC/client-ID) is asking for it.
I ask this because If the client changes it's CPE device (changing MAC address), the DHCP won't provide any addresses until the lease expire. To workaround this I've configured low values to timers (about 10 min.), but this increases "the conversation" between clients and the servers.  

Thanks in advance!
Joelson Vendramin

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