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chang wang

I am currently using Kea with a few different client classes, to separate different models of access-points.

To accomplish this i use the test clause, for example
"test": "((option[vendor-class-identifier].text == 'Cisco AP c2700'))" or (option[vendor-class-identifier].text == 'Cisco AP c1850')) or (option ...

Using many different access-points, this gets quite unwieldy, having everything on the same line. I have experimented with adding additional parentheses and whatnot, but i am still encountering the same errors.

But for some reason Kea will not let me separate these into multiple lines, as i would like:
"test": "((option[vendor-class-identifier].text == 'Cisco AP c2700'))" or
             (option[vendor-class-identifier].text == 'Cisco AP c1850')) or
                                                 .                             .
What is the logic required to accomplish this?

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