[Kea-users] Please Welcome Kea's Google Summer of Code Interns!

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[Kea-users] Please Welcome Kea's Google Summer of Code Interns!

vicky risk
Kea Users-

I hope the list members will welcome our two GSOC interns for this summer. These students will be working on open source improvements to Kea, supported by Google and advised by ISC, and, we hope, some of you users. 

'Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. Students work with an open source organization on a 3 month programming project during their break from school.’ - https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com

The way the GSOC program is designed, the students have from now until May 14th for ‘Community Bonding’ - that means, getting to know the open source project they are working on, including the user needs, and starting to prepare for the project.

Mayya will be working on IPv6 reconfiguration. Below is a summary of the proposal:
'IPv6 re-configuration through DHCP is a server triggered mechanism for the clients to update their IPv6 addresses and prefixes. The server behavior of sending and handling Reconfigure message is specified in RFC3315bis Internet draft. Kea-dhcpv6 server currently does not support Reconfigure messages and its associated remote key authentication protocol. The task of this project would be to extend Kea server software with the support of sending and handling of Reconfigure message in kea-dhcpv6 server as specified in RFC 3315-bis Internet Draft'

Jerin John will be working on a Kea GUI. It is possible this will be based on an existing DHCP GUI, like the Glass project, but might possibly be an entirely new GUI.  
"The primary objective of this project idea is to design and develop a frontend web interface for the Kea DHCP software to function as a remote monitoring and management console. This dashboard application must integrate all essential features provided by the Kea REST API, which includes managing subnets and shared pools, realtime usage statistics and event reporting, configuring leases, verifying logs, etc; delivering to users a mechanism for monitoring and configuring the states of DHCP servers."

We are very excited to work with both of these new engineers. They may be posting questions on this list as they get further into their projects and I hope some of you will help them. I am sure they would appreciate hearing requirements and feedback from real operators on this list. 

Thank you!

Victoria Risk
Product Manager
Internet Systems Consortium

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