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[Kea-users] Question about valid-lifetime

E.C. Jacobs goossens

I'm looking for a solution so that kea doesn't send the renew- and

Looking at the user guide: "Note that renew-timer and rebind-timer are
optional. If they are not specified the client will select values for T1
and T2 timers according to the RFC 2131."

I was expecting that the following code would do the trick:

# Global values
  "valid-lifetime": 120,
#  "renew-timer": 120,
#  "rebind-timer": 180,

but with that configuration the following is send to the client:

    Option: (51) IP Address Lease Time
        Length: 4
        IP Address Lease Time: (120s) 2 minutes
    Option: (58) Renewal Time Value
        Length: 4
        Renewal Time Value: (900s) 15 minutes
    Option: (59) Rebinding Time Value
        Length: 4
        Rebinding Time Value: (1800s) 30 minutes

Thanks in advance,


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