[Kea-users] kea-dhcp4 server fails with message 'option type 18 not supported'

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[Kea-users] kea-dhcp4 server fails with message 'option type 18 not supported'

Anna Mager

i am translating my isc-dhcp config to kea config (kea 1.6.0) and I have
some vendor options for unifi access points to find their controller.
Unifi's manual for doing this with old isc-dhcp server can be found

This is what I've come up with following the documentation



"option-def" [

            "name" : "unifi-address",
            "code" : 1,
            "space": "ubnt",
            "type" : "ipv4_address"


"client-classes": [

    "name": "ubnt",
    "test": "substring(option[60].hex,0,4) == 'ubnt'",
    "option-def": [

            "name" : "vendor-encapsulated-options",
            "type" : "empty",
            "encapsulate": "ubnt",
            "code" : 43
    "option-data": [
              "name": "unifi-address",
               "name": "vendor-encapsulated-options"




Everytime I try starting kea it fails with the following message:

2019-11-28 14:21:01.668 ERROR [kea-dhcp4.dhcp4/2837] DHCP4_INIT_FAIL
failed to initialize Kea server: configuration error using file
'/usr/local/etc/kea/kea-dhcp4.conf': option type 18 not supported.

The error points to to the place where the unifi-address is defined in
top-level option-def. I have a lot of vendor specific options with code
43 defined in the same way in my config, which check out perfectly. But
each time I add the part about the unifi adress, kea signals me that
option type 18 is not supported.

Any hints are much appreciated.

Best regards,


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