[Kea-users] lease has empty hostname for client with reservation

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[Kea-users] lease has empty hostname for client with reservation

Kenneth Topp

I'm currently using kea 1.6.0 with mysql backend, and ddns configured.

I have a client that doesn't supply hostname(12) or fqdn(81) or put
12/81 in PRL so there is no hostname/fqdn exchanged during

This client has a reservation with the hostname.  However has the
hostname of "" (empty string).  Is there anyway to fix this?  It would
make sense to me if a client doesn't care about hostname at all just to
use what we have in the reservation.

For the curious, the client is a netgear switch (gs110tp) and it sends a
rather sparse prl of options 1,3,6.

I'm happy to provide any more details, and would like any suggestions or
recommendations on how to get the hostname set according to the
reservation in the lease.


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