[Kea-users] netconf interface for kea?

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[Kea-users] netconf interface for kea?

Tomek Mrugalski
We wrapped up an IETF hackathon in London. A couple engineers spent some
time playing with the netconf technology. The prototype developed is not
really usable yet (retrieves netconf configuration, but does not apply
it in Kea land yet, but that's reasonably easy to do). It's more of a
proof that such a thing could be done.


I was wondering whether people would be interested in netconf interface
for Kea. What are the scenarios you'd like to see covered? How
interested are you? Is it something urgently needed, a nice to have or
perhaps you don't care at all? Would your organization be interested in
funding its development?

This interface would be another one, in addition to REST API provided by
control-agent, so don't worry. The REST API is here for good. It's not
going away.

Thoughts? Comments?

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