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[Kea-users] options for dynamically prefix delegated

Ivan Sy

I just need to know what are my options -- if any.

My provider does 1-week dynamic DHCPv6 prefix delegation. and it does change.

My setup works for me (CPE on bridge, FreeBSD + dhcp6c + kea dhcp6) but dhcp6.conf will need the subnet prefix defined. Or is there "subnet6".. "subnet" to make that dynamic?

        "interfaces-config": {

            "interfaces": [ "em0" ]


        "mac-sources": ["duid"],

        "subnet6": [


                "subnet": "2604:3d09:6e80:1f23::/64",

                "id": 0,

                "interface": "em0",

                "pools": [

                    { "pool": "2604:3d09:6e80:1f23::aaa1-2604:3d09:6e80:1f23::afff" }





Thank you

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